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Non-traditional Life Skills Approach
Holistic Life Coach
Author / Speaker

Terri Love brings inspiration, encouragement, and positive self-help tools into her private consultations. She guides her clients to shift their perceptions/interpretations of events within their personal journey; ultimately through the individual’s Divine Resources within.

As her clients recognize their ability to succeed by accessing their Innate Wisdom; that person is able to re-evaluate their perception of personal events, shifting their awareness into fields of joy, self-esteem, peace of mind.

Home Heart

Through Terri Love’s coaching sessions she shares Divine Wisdom of Ascended Master Sanat Kumara; His Divine Wisdom facilitates the ability of each one to access their Divine Resource, translating that Higher Awareness into their personal journey.


As Above, So Below,
Heaven on Earth,
Within Me first
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Sanat Kumara

White Fire Meditation

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